Cupid Sux!
He didn't do a great job before and now I don't need no fat cherub with an arrow any more!

Hey girlfriend, I'm Jen Romez and I've been around a few times, U know? Me and my girlfriends got together recently and discovered that, put together, we got some real expertise when it comes to guys! I mean, you know, dating, devorce, breakups, getting him back, getting him to pay attention, just getting him to pay...see where I'm comin' from?...All that stuff would probably qualify us for a Masters Degree in relationships if we could all get under one of those stupid square hats.

So we decided to take it online and offer you all our knowledge in emails. You can sign up free by just giving me your name and email address in the box below. And if you do, I'll send you a FREE gift! A sweet ebook full of tips on how to be a girlfriend that'll blow him away! It's a $17 value coming to you free just for signing up. And after you sign up you'll receive, every day or two, an email from me sharing secrets and hard won knowledge from my best friends and me about every aspect of your relationship with that guy!

OK. Free eBook, tons of advice and hardwon knowledge coming to your inbox every week- All for putting your name and email in the box below...Sheesh why not?

You will thank me later!